Account Protection

Payments are protected by 2-factor authentication, meaning an SMS pin code is required to make a payment.

When you send any payment, an SMS generated PIN code is required, preventing anybody from sending money via desktop browser.

How secure are my bank details?

Your bank details are safeguarded using the same encryption that all the major banks use. Moreover, they are never stored on our servers, rather our payment partner Mangopay. 

How do you protect me from fraud?

There are a number of ways that we protect you from dangerous or fraudulent behaviour.

Keep yourself safe

Cleo is designed for payments to your friends and those close to you. To protect yourself, avoid paying people you don't know. We don't recommend using Cleo to pay for goods or services from somebody you met online, as we cannot offer buyer or seller protection.

We're here to help

Of course, we're here to support you if you have any questions or concerns. Please contact us at and speak to our dedicated support team.

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