Cleo auto-categorises all of your transactions, and she's pretty good at it too. Sometimes, things can slip through the net. Here's how to fix them.

My Transactions are Wrongly Categorised.

  1. Head to your dashboard (click Dashboard in Messenger, or go to
  2. Click the transaction that is wrongly categorised. On Mobile, the transaction category will appear. Use the drop down menu to reclassify this. On desktop, use the dropdown menu on the right hand side of the transaction.

My Transactions are Duplicated

  1. Click on the duplicate transaction in your dashboard
  2. On Mobile, click on the cog icon that appears. On desktop, use the cog icon on the right hand side.
  3. You'll see the below window. Click Mark As Duplicate.

I Want To Manually Add A Category

We are currently building functionality to allow users to add their own custom Categories, check back soon.

It's Not Showing The Category I Want

Is there a Category that you think Cleo should add? Click here to submit your request.

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