What is the Cleo instant savings account?

This is a separate e-money account that allows you to make savings and send money to friends.

How do I set up a Cleo account?

Type 'home' to Cleo & then swipe right to the savings card. Click the button, then follow the instructions. We'll ask for three bits of information: 

  • Basic identify information including address. (To comply with KYC regulation)
  • Your debit card details. (To deposit money to your account)
  • Bank account details. (To withdraw funds back to your bank account)

How can I withdraw money into my current account?

Simple - open your chat with Cleo in Messenger and say 'Withdraw £' and an amount you'd like to withdraw. Follow any steps required and Cleo will confirm the withdrawal.

How can I send money to friends?

You'll need to securely link your payment card by clicking here. Once that's set up you can pay your friends!

Will I receive interest for keeping funds in the Cleo wallet?

We currently do not pay interest for this account.  We're in the early stages of talking to potential partners who could offer savings interest, and it's something we want to build in the next six months. 

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