How does Cleo work?

Cleo works by securely accessing your transaction data in read-only mode. We do this using a world-leading financial software called SaltEdge. Cleo then uses a smart AI brain to scan your transaction history, calculating and spotting interesting spending trends, habits and lets you keep track of budgets. 

Cleo also allows you to view your balance, check direct debits, latest transactions, and see your spending per category.

Why do you need my banking info?

We need you to enter your banking login credentials so that you can establish a secure connection with your bank or credit card company. This encrypted connection is handled by SaltEdge in read-only mode; meaning nobody can move money in or out of your account. Once a secure connection is established, it enables Cleo to analyse and categorise thousands of historic transactions as well as current balance information, securely and automatically.

Can I transfer money to other accounts, or people?

As Cleo accesses your transaction data in read-only mode, it is currently not possible to move money in or out of bank accounts.

Does Cleo work with Banks outside of the UK?

Not yet but we'll be expanding shortly. Request your bank to be added here.

How will you make money?

We want to offer our own faster, fairer and cheaper financial products. We have significant backing from tier-one investors to execute this vision quickly. And don't worry, we will never sell your data.

Do you have an app?

We do not have an app, but we're available on Facebook Messenger!

Can I use SMS instead of Messenger?

We use Facebook Messenger as it is the fastest, most convenient channel for our users. We like to think that it is a lot more useful than having a dedicated app or website. 

Facebook Messenger also allows us to build functionality quickly and add fun videos, instant articles and other visuals that SMS can't.

Where are you based?

We're in Old Street, London. Shoot us an email, we can go for coffee!

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