We're rolling out a limited test to let users exchange their Cleo wallet balance for Bitcoin. If invited to the Alpha, you'll be able to switch to "Bitcoin mode" where your wallet balance will automatically be exchanged to BTC. Any future auto savings or manual deposits will also be exchanged to BTC. You can exchange back to GBP at any time.

How do I switch to bitcoin mode?

Just say "enable bitcoin" after receiving your invite. From thereafter say "bitcoin" to bring up the menu and "disable bitcoin" to exchange back to BTC.

How much does it cost?

We give you the real exchange rate from the leading crypto exchange, GDAX, when making a trade. We add a 2.5% markup to cover our costs associated with card processing and operations.

How can I check how much my Bitcoin is worth?

Simply ask Cleo "how much is my bitcoin worth?"

Where is my Bitcoin held?

All Bitcoin is held in our corporate GDAX account. GDAX are the leading and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Can I buy things with my Bitcoin?

We only offer exposure for you to speculate on Bitcoin. You can not transfer to a different wallet.

What are the risks of Bitcoin?

The price of cryptocurrencies is extremely volatile. As a result the risk of losing your investment is substantial.

What's an Alpha?

It's our first stage of testing with users. It means the feature is unpolished and we're looking for lot's of feedback! Please do reach out to team@meetcleo.com with any improvements and bug reports.

How do I get an invite?

We're rolling this out slowly to develop the feature with all of you, our amazing customers. Batches of invites will be going out across the month.

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