Cleo exists to make your money simple. We already bring all your accounts into one place, break down your spending, and help you budget, save, and much more. Now, we're bringing that simplicity to charity donations.

How does it work?

  • When you set up auto saving with Cleo you'll now get the option to donate a percentage of your savings to charity.
  • If you've already got savings set up, just say 'charity' to Cleo to start donating.
  • Each month Cleo will let you know how much you've chosen to give and to what charity. All you do is okay it, with just one click!

What's auto saving?

  • Every week, Cleo calculates how much you can afford to save based on your spending. She then puts it away for you into a separate Cleo wallet.
  • You can read more about savings here - or say 'start auto saving' to Cleo to get going.
  • With the new charity saving feature, a percentage of that calculated saving will be apportioned to charity. 

What if I want to change the percentage, or the charity?

  • Once you're all set up, just say 'charity' to Cleo in Messenger to change any of the details: the percentage you're set up to donate, or the charity you're donating to.

Will Cleo take extra money out of my account?

  • Cleo will take no more money than the usual savings calculation - the donation is calculated as a proportion of your calculated savings amount. 

Can I 'undo' savings donated?

  • You will not be able to retrieve money that you've donated to charity.
  • You will, however, be asked to 'okay' the amount each month before it's donated.

What happens to my current savings balance?

  • When you choose a percentage to donate, it will only apply to future savings calculations. Your current Cleo wallet balance will stay the same.
  • If you move money into your Cleo wallet, that will also be unaffected by the donations calculation. The donations settings only apply to the amount Cleo calculates to save for you each month.

How do I stop donating?

  • Say 'charity' to Cleo in Messenger to change any of the details and stop donating.
  • You'll be able to set up donations again any time you like by saying 'charity', or heading to your auto saving menu.

Which charities can I give to?

  • We asked what kind of charities you'd like to give to, and you said 'small, and independent'. So we're thrilled to be launching this feature with two independent, front-line charity partners, whose work aligns closely with our mission at Cleo: Toynbee Hall, and The Money Charity. They each do great work on financial inclusion, education, and social inequality.
  • You can read more about Toynbee Hall and The Money Charity on our blog!
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